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Hello, I’m Christopher the director of Shopbag Sales Wizard Ltd. The nickname Shopbag was given to me by my great grandfather because I used to do his coffee and bread shopping as a child and I knew how to source them at the best and affordable prices when no one else could. I was also quick in doing so. My great grandfather passed away and I went into engineering which I did for a living but was no longer passionate about the work. It was not until my good friend Jackie asked if I’d be interested in establishing my own business by sourcing goods and selling it on various internet platforms. The business idea re-ignited my passion and brought back fond memories of my great grandfather and how well I handled his affairs at a young age. My good friend is from a HR/Law background and has been assisting me with establishing the company, sourcing items and growing the company.

As a result of our journey above Shopbag Sales Wizard was formed and we are dedicated to bringing great items to customers at reasonable prices. We aim to provide quality customer service and to make shopping online stress-free and customer friendly. The business currently specialises in fashion, health, DIY, gardening and home goods.

We are driven by customer feedback and it is satisfying when customers are pleased with our services and their purchase. We are always keen to please our customers and value all forms of feedback which we will take into consideration whilst growing the business. We feel it is important to know and listen to your customers.

We put the hard work into sourcing those everyday products at affordable prices so customers do not have to.


We are a business that specialises in fashion, health, DIY, gardening and home goods, these items are provided to the public on various internet platforms and also for purchase via this website. We research items that customers are buying and also items that they may be interested in. We also source unique items/ brands which are well made at reasonable prices and also provide seasonal goods all year round.

As we are still growing we will also be researching products with a view to supplying products in other product categories such as baby and shoes.


We are a fledgling business who started trading towards the end of 2017 originally in sole trader form and incorporated to a limited company due to the growth and potential of the business. We are interested in finding items that are not necessarily sold by most retailers and to showcase new quality brands.